What is the best surface to put around a pool?

When clients choose the deck for their outdoor pool. The most concern is the deck must be anti-slip and waterproof. 

COOWIN WPC decking is more and more popular used for outdoor pools around decking. 

WPC is a type of eco-friendly material made of reclaimed wood fiber and polymers. COOWIN WPC Decking is manufactured with the patented formula and by an innovative dual-screw extrusion process, combining superior performance with naturalistic looks and textures of real wood.

The WPC decking is with a rich surface, mainly including groove surface, sanded surface, embossed surface ( including natural and 3D embossed ), and brushed surface.

Some clients will ask, which is the best surface to put around a pool?

According to actual engineer cases and lab tests, the groove and 3D embossed surface is a better choice. The two surfaces have better performance on anti-slip.

COOWIN is the first that has adopted Color Streaking and 3D Wood Grain Technology for uncapped WPC products in the industry

COOWIN decking products have undergone the Pendulum Slip Resistance Test by the standard of BS 7976-2. COOWIN 3D Wood Grain decking has better slip resistance by virtue of the embossed pattern. The decking with the grooved pattern, likewise, is also highly resistant to slip, thanks to its grooves on the surface. Any surface can be slippery when wet.

There is currently no building code requirement for minimum slip resistance. Slip-resistance tests that are correctly performed under different consensus standards may produce different results. Variables that affect slip resistance include shoe tread, stride, speed of stride, debris on the surface, amount of moisture present, and weight. COOWIN’s polyethylene coating can be slippery when wet, just like wood, so caution is advised.

COOWIN currently totally can supply 6 kinds of the 3D embossed wood grain.

The 1st generation decking (WPC decking) can be produced 4 types of 3D embossed wood grain: Modern 3D embossed, Classical 3D embossed, Retro 3D embossed, Fashion 3D embossed.

The 2nd generation decking ( co-extrusion decking ) can be produced 2 types 3D embossed wood grain: Aurora 3D embossed, Starshine 3D embossed 

The 3D embossed wood grain looks like natural wood especially with the art color together, such as cedar art and red pine art. 3D embossed wood grain will not be worn and tear and disappear during use, the dept reaches 1mm, can last in the whole of decking life.

Regular wood grain will be easily worn during use, can last 1-2 years.

COOWIN composite decking has been the ideal decking for the pool and spa environment. Also, as there is no likelihood of splinters occurring, it protects your feet. It’s required that you follow the Installation Instructions to make sure the ventilation requirements are met.

Our composite boards must be installed with proper spacing to allow for water drainage, ventilation, and normal expansion and contraction. Installation without spacing may cause damage to the edge of deck boards. For more details, please refer to COOWIN Deck Installation Instructions. 

Following is also the comparison among WPC, wood, PVC decks, ceramic/porcelain tile

(1)Pros of WPC decks/WPC

-the longer life

-the natural look of wood

-free of any maintenance

-high-performance, eco-friendly

-temperature proof, eg. withstand years of sun, sleet, and snow

-rich color options 

(2) Cons of wood/pressure-treated wood decks

-Can rot, split, warp, swell, twist and fade

-Crack from insect infestation

-Require annual painting, staining, or sealing

-Splinter easily

-Contribute to deforestation

(3) Cons of PVC decks/PVC

-prone to chalking

-More likely to shrink and expand with temperature fluctuations than composites

-Can fade and stain from rubber mats, sunscreen, and insect repellent

-Recommended for use with after-market cleaning products to maintain aesthetics over time


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