What exactly are capped composite decking boards?

Capped composite decking planks are very popular among composite decking suppliers. This is due to the fact that they not only have a wood-like appearance. However, they are also extremely sturdy and long-lasting, requiring little care. Capped composite decking combines regular composite wood with a long-lasting polymer protective shell. Covered composite decking, unlike pressure-treated wood decking, will not chip, break, or rot.

Capped composite decking is pest resistant and does not require sanding, staining, or refinishing. For everyday usage, all it takes is an occasional soapy wash to bring it back to life. Furthermore, decking composite is highly resistant to stains and fading. As a result, you can keep its lovely appearance with little effort.

Capped composite decking board characteristics

Covered composite decking has gone a long way since exposed composite decking. Today, we put a polymer protective shell on the composite. This PVC casing offers additional protection by being more resistant to water and mildew. This capping also contains UV inhibitors, which give additional strength and resistance.

Of course, by capping, we don’t mean something that is applied after the composite decking has been manufactured. Rather, the cap is glued to the core during the composite deck manufacturing process.

What is the manufacturing process for capped composite decking?

A co-extrusion method is required for the manufacture of capped composite decking. The co-extrusion process results in a sturdy, flexible composite deck with a long lifespan. In the manufacturing of capped composite decking. To make a sturdy, dense core, wood and polyethylene polymer are properly combined. The wood-plastic composite core is then encased in a single, durable polymer cover. To create a high-performance-capped composite deck, the core is co-extruded with a non-organic surface component.

This composite product has a one-of-a-kind combination of superior non-reactive color pigments, UV inhibitors, antioxidants, and mildew inhibitors. The combination of these qualities gives exceptional resistance to sunlight, stains, mold, and germs in the add-on composite decking. It also ensures the decking compound’s long-term durability and superb color. Colored pigments are added at specific intervals during the production process to produce distinct multi-tonal streaks. As a result, we offer composite decking in a variety of hues. For example, redwood composite decking, blue composite decking, teak composite decking, and so on.

Benefits of Capped Composite Decking

Environmentally friendly and long-lasting

Environmental friendliness, sustainability, and a high percentage of recycled content are two further characteristics of capped composite decking. Recycled resources are used to make composite decking. Lumber mill waste can be converted into wood fibers. Plastics can also be derived from plastic trash accumulated during the course of life. Using repurposed materials helps to prevent further deforestation. While also preventing unnecessary plastic waste from damaging the environment.


Four-sided capping implies greater adaptability in addition to improved durability and performance. This reversible outdoor deck has various advantages over non-reversible boards. It has reduced sheet cutting and material waste, for example. It can also be embossed on both sides of the deck with various textures, boosting design options and visual attractiveness.

Capped composite decking is also polished on the top and bottom, making it excellent for use as a secondary deck. They also have grooved edges for concealing fastening. Concealed fasteners provide your deck a smooth, fastener-free surface. As well as improving the beauty of your outside deck.

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COOWIN offers a choice of capped composite types to meet a wide range of budgets and preferences. We provide composite decking in a variety of single colors with embossed wood grain. Red composite decking, brown composite decking, and grey composite decking are a few examples. Additionally, high-end cards with many colors and elaborate patterns are available. We can also give you with free samples to alleviate your concerns. This will help you understand our goods better.


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