Is it possible for composite decking to become hot?

Have you considered purchasing composite decking to build your outdoor space, as it is becoming increasingly popular? Maybe you’ve heard that composite decking gets hot in the sun. Of course, if you install composite decking outside in direct sunlight, it will become hot.

But don’t worry, not all composite decking burns. The color of the composite decking greatly influences whether or not it gets hot. Next, we’ll explain why composite decking gets hot and what we can do to avoid it.

How can I keep my deck from getting too hot?

In the summer, the color of your composite decks can affect their temperature. Red, light brown, dark brown, silver, chocolate, light grey, dark grey, and black are just a few of the colors available in composite decking. If your outdoor living space will not have any shade, it is critical to select the right color for composite decking.

Dark composite decking board colors, such as black, do not reflect the sun’s rays, but rather absorb the heat of the sun and heat up the composite decking. It is best to use light-colored trim boards when building a composite deck without shade. Lighter colors, such as light grey, brown, and silver decking, will reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the deck surface cool.

How do I select a composite deck?

If you live somewhere where the sun shines all year, go with light-colored composite deck boards. Light-colored boards, such as light grey and brown, do not absorb solar heat and thus have a cool surface.

If you live in a cooler climate with less sunlight, you can install dark-colored boards outside. While you relax outside, these boards will keep your feet warm.

Make a canopy for your outdoor deck

Another way to keep your composite decking boards cool in the sun is to build a shade over them. A structure over your deck blocks the sun’s rays and keeps your composite deck from becoming too hot. It keeps the surface of your deck cool even when it’s hot outside, allowing you to cool off outside.

You can use your outdoor deck even in the summer this way. For deck shade, homeowners can install a large sunshade. If you want something more permanent, you can construct a simple structure above the composite decking, such as a pergola.

Different colors of composite decking

Composite decking boards come in a variety of colors, and being familiar with them will help you make the best decision when it comes to installing your decking.

Trim panels in black composite

The heat absorbed by black composite decking from the sun causes the floor to become hot. This composite decking color is appropriate for homeowners who live in areas with less sunlight.

Composite decking in grey

Grey composite decking comes in two shades: light grey and dark grey. Light-colored composite decking can be installed outdoors by builders to avoid the composite decking becoming hot due to sunlight exposure. As a result, there is no need to erect a sunshade above it, and light composite decking can be installed in any location.

Dark grey composite decking, like black composite decking, absorbs heat from the sun and should not be used in sunny areas unless a shade structure is built over it.

Decks in brown composite

Brown composite decking, like grey, comes in dark and light shades. Light-colored composite decking can be used anywhere and does not get hot in the sun. Dark brown composite decking, on the other hand, gets hot in the sun and is thus best suited to areas with limited sunlight.


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