Swedish Villa Platform Outdoor Decking Project

Due to its good mechanical properties and beautiful appearance, wood plastic decking is very suitable for laying the platform outside the villa. This project uses a ceda…

  • 320m2
  • Swedish
  • 2019.7~2019.8

American Park Railing and Decking Project

This is a park project in the United States. Before selecting materials, customers were more concerned about the safety of the product. After a number of sample comparis…

  • 530m2
  • American
  • 2010.5~2010.6

New Zealand Showroom Terrace Decking Board Project

The project was used by COOWIN’s New Zealand distributors to sell and display the terrace function. A solid outdoor decking board was used, which achieve a good display …

  • 200m2
  • New Zealand
  • 2017.12~2018.6

Spanish Star Hotel 3D Wood Grain Composite Decking Project

The hotel project was completed in 2018 and was built using TS-04 model composite decking products. The decking of this model has a round hollow structure and has good l…

  • 1250m2
  • Spain
  • 2018.7~2018.12

Norwegian Snow Courtyard composite Decking Project

This project was completed in 2009. Before finally choosing COOWIN®’ decking products as outdoor courtyard decking, the customer was very worried about whether the decki…

  • 300m2
  • Norwegian
  • 2009.2~2009.6

3D Wood Grain Composite Decking Boards Around Swimming Pool in Australia

This project is around the private swimming pool of an Australian customer. The TS-04 decking product is used to replace the corroded solid wood decking. The customer ch…

  • 1800m2
  • Australia
  • 2019.5~2019.8

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