How do you repair faded composite decking?

As a popular material for creating outdoor living spaces. The composite decking is long-lasting and requires little maintenance. While people might appreciate the outdoors, it can also provide greater convenience. However, no matter what material the deck is built of, it will deteriorate over time. They will become soiled and worn. The deck’s service life will be reduced if proper maintenance is not performed. Although composite decking has a longer service life than timber decks. However, they continue to gather dirt and filth over time. What we need to know next is how to recover faded composite decking.

Prevention is the most effective measure.

If your outdoor composite deck has faded after a long period of use. You can take certain steps to remedy the situation. However, if the debris and filth that has gathered outside can be removed on a regular basis. The composite decking material will thereafter resist fading.

There are numerous reasons why composite decking could fade over time. The two most common causes of composite deck fading are incorrect cleaning chemicals and wind and sun exposure.

What are the causes of the composite deck fading?

Understanding the causes of composite decking board surface fading is critical for preventing and treating problems. Next, let’s look at four major causes of composite decking fading:

Wrong cleaning strategy: To clean the composite deck, use the detergent given or recommended by the composite decking manufacturer. Use the incorrect detergent, for example, chlorine bleach. Cleaning the composite deck with steel wire or applying too much pressure will cause the decking to fade. As a result, before cleaning the composite deck, please carefully study the instructions or consult with composite decking manufacturers.

Improper deck upkeep is another important cause of deck fading. Composite decking has a minimal maintenance cost, however, it is not maintenance-free. You must still keep it neat and tidy, just like your inside living space. Leaves, dust, and debris that gather for an extended period of time may mold and rot, therefore please clean the composite decking on a regular basis.

Wind and sun exposure: There is no denying that the external environment has a significant impact on the composite deck. If you live in an area where the sun shines all year, or if it is frequently windy and wet. With the passage of time, the color of your outdoor deck may fade more easily. Of course, the composite deck is still more tolerant than a standard wooden deck. That is, natural timber decks are more sensitive to sunlight than composite decking.

Deck material of poor quality: If your composite material is of poor quality, it may fade more easily. Choose high-quality composite decking from brands like Trex, Fiberon, and COOWIN.

How to Clean the Deck Surface

Proper upkeep of your outdoor deck on a regular basis will effectively prevent it from fading. Even if your deck has faded, the first step in recovering it is to properly clean it. Don’t worry, the composite surface is really simple to clean.

To keep your deck clean, you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment or intricate cleaning treatments. In fact, if you use a high-pressure cleaning machine, you should exercise extreme caution. Use modest pressure and no more than twice a year while utilizing a high-pressure cleaning machine. Many individuals are opposed to using pressure to clean their decks. Because too much pressure will harm the composite components.

To improve the appearance of your deck, take these steps:

1. First, remove all of the furniture from the outdoor deck to make room for you to work. Remove heavy debris and leaves with a broom, then use a water pipe to spray down from the floor surface.

2. Spray the deck with warm soapy water or a matching detergent, making sure to cover the entire deck area. The deck surface should then be cleaned with a soft bristle brush or a high-pressure cleaner set to no more than 1500 PSI.

3. Thoroughly rinse the entire composite deck with clean, warm water. Make sure there are no puddles to remove all of the foam and prevent mold from forming.


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