How to prevent scratches on composite decking?

WPC outdoor decking board material combines wood fiber and polymer material. Which has the characteristics of wood texturerich color systemlow maintenance cost, good weather resistance, and long service life.

The diversification of size and shape also makes decking material suitable for various architectural designs. Accepted and known by more people all over the world over the years

New deck furniture can transform your outdoor living space into a beautiful, inviting, and relaxing place. The entire family can get together to share meals or just chill out as they enjoy the outdoors

Of course, composite decking maintenance and protection can’t be ignored either, what’s more, composite decking is exposed to sun and rain. And let’s do a quick look at how to keep scratches free from composite decking

Let’s take a few examples and study them together?

How to prevent furniture with metal legs and furniture in the middle?

Because wood-plastic decking is made of wood flour and HDPE plastic, no matter how strong things meet hard objects, scratches, and so on may occur. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended that when buying outdoor furniture. It is recommended to purchase the rubber cushion at the bottom of the furniture. 

When placing outdoor furniture, place it at the bottom of the furniture to create a gap with the floor. This operation will prevent the floor from scratching and can be better. Protect the floor and extend the life of the floor.

High-density, harder substances such as sand, cement, etc.?

For high-density and hard materials such as sand and cement, it is not recommended to operate on the deck because they will scratch the floor. If there are similar substances, please clean them up in time without leaving too much time. Also, do not step on these substances on the deck, because once you step on these substances, the soles of the shoes may stick to them. So that if you walk around on the deck, you will cause more damage to the deck.

Sweep and Clean the Deck Regularly

Because your deck is located outdoors, dirt and debris can quickly settle on the surface. Twigs, leaves, and small branches from nearby shrubs or trees can also be collected here. All these can cause scratches on your deck, especially if someone steps on them. Regular sweeping and cleaning of the deck area using a fine broom will prevent such an occurrence. 

Occasionally, use soap and water to remove dirt and dust buildup. If you need to scrub off some spots, do it gently with a soft brush. Also, avoid power washing and instead use a garden hose to clean the deck. 

During winter, remove snow from your deck using a plastic shovel. A metal shovel contains sharp edges that could scratch the deck. For the best results, follow the boards’ direction, i.e., move parallel to the boards’ direction to avoid nicking the surface.

Remember, keeping your outdoor deck clean improves its appearance, helps to maintain it, and makes it last longer.

Buy outdoor carpets?

If you feel troublesome for furniture decking mats and regular cleaning, and you don’t have time. Then it is recommended decking material options that you should try to invest in outdoor carpets. There are hundreds of different styles of outdoor carpets on the market, all of which can protect your composite deck from scratches. If you want to ensure that your decking is intact under the premise of beautiful design. I suggest you use this method to operate, I believe you will see unexpected results.

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