How to choose composite decking material color?

Composite decking not only has weather resistance beyond wood. But also its artificial appearance has brought us more choices, which can meet the needs of different decoration styles. So when we install outdoor over time, how to choose the color of composite decking? You don’t just choose between light brown and dark brown. From mountain mahogany to silver oak, there are dozens of different background colors. And each of which can arouse different feelings.

You can figure out which colors match well without becoming a professional designer or artist. Using the following tips, You will learn how to choose a composite decking color.

Color series

Traditional composite decorative colors can be divided into four basic groups. These are:
– Brown (red-brown, red-brown art, teak, dark teak, oak)
– Reddish-brown (red pine, red pine art, redwood, redwood art)
– White/log color (white, cedar)
– Gray (light gray, blue-gray, smoke gray, stone gray)

Tips for choosing the right color

First, you need to narrow the scope according to the appearance color of your home and personal taste. The following tips are designed to help you choose the perfect tone. you can choose to design it as you like!

Do not select the exact match

Many people say that if you do not know how to match the color. Then you can choose the same color. This phrase is more widely applied, but you should not apply it to your deck.

Using the same color as the outside of your home as your deck will look a little boring. You should try to choose complementary colors instead of matching. Such as dark and light colors form a sharp contrast and bring a sense of hierarchy to your house. This design is never out of date.

When planning your floor and wall panel design, consider how to create interesting contrasts. If your exterior wall is very colorful, such as the blue wall above, any neutral color floor can be used. On the other hand, if your walls are light-medium colors, such as taupe or beige, the rich reddish-brown deck is a good supplement.

Pay attention to the background color

Unless you use pure white or pitch black, you should pay attention to the background color. COOWIN’s art color series design is our unique color mixing technology, which has dark color lines on the basis of light color background.

You may remember that in the color wheel learned in school, red, orange, and yellow are warm colors, while green, blue and purple are cold colors. Although you don’t have to keep all the background colors exactly the same, it is recommended that you keep the deck and home appearance warm or cold.

Therefore, if the appearance of your home is gray with a blue background. You may need to choose a decorative panel with a similar cold green, blue or purple background. Of course, if your home is pure white, then these rules are a little outdated – you can do whatever you want!

Create process

Want your deck to feel like an extension of your home rather than a completely independent space? Create a flow between the interior and exterior of your home by selecting composite decking colors that match or complement your floor. In this way, when you go out, it feels like entering another space of the house.

Consider climate

Your deck color is not just for appearance – it can also be used for functional purposes. Dark surfaces absorb light and heat faster than light surfaces, which reflect light and make your deck feel cool. This is not to say that in the summer months, the white deck in direct sunlight cannot be heated. But it will be more friendly to your bare feet than the dark brown deck.

Always remember to order samples!

You should always order samples of composite decorative panels before deciding to order whole composite decking boards. The deck is a big deal and is not easy to return. Ordering some samples, usually free of charge. It will give you a better understanding of this composite material and save you from worrying.

COOWIN has 22 years of experience in production, R & D, and design. Our composite floor wallboard has the art color design patented in the industry, which is very close to the texture and color of natural wood. Each board is unique. We also provide our customers with product selection, paving schemes, 3D renderings, samples, and other services. In order to ensure that you buy the best quality and beautiful composite decking products.

COOWIN and its partners are happy to provide you with all the above services. Such as product selection, design, pavement scheme, samples, etc. If you need anything, please contact us now!


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