How composite decking is produced?

Composite decking is growing in the construction industry and is used in many applications, such as outdoor plazas, garden decoration, and even private home design. Composite decking is widely used because it is made from a combination of wood flour and plastic substances, and is considered an emerging industry in the 21st century because wood-plastic composites are environmentally friendly and economical. More and more people are accepting this new building material as a wise choice.

COOWIN is a company specializing in the production of composite decking, so let’s take a look at the factory and learn more about the production process of composite decking.

Preparing raw materials

First, we need to prepare the raw materials for the production of laminate flooring, including 38% HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), 50% wood flour, and 12% chemical additives.

COOWIN has advanced technology to combine these components to form the formula used to make composite decking, which was imported from the United States and developed here for almost 21 years.

COOWIN has a proven level of production to produce high quality composite decking.

Pelletizing process

All the prepared materials are fed into a mixer to be blended together, then the mixture will be fed into a granulator to be granulated into small pellets. After cooling, the wood plastic composite pellets will be packed in bags.

Extrusion processing

The WPC pellets will be sent to an extruder at a temperature of 170°C and then shaped into chips through a die. The extruded product will be cut into pieces of designed length and width. What’s more, the surface of the product can be made into different styles according to the customer’s requirements, including fluted, embossed or sanded.

Product Testing

Next, the product is sent through a testing program to ensure quality and specifications. There are four tests, including product strength test, colorimetric test, low temperature and weather resistance test, and each composite decking is carefully and rigorously tested. The finished product must meet the requirements of the qualified and regulated standards before it can proceed to the next step in the production process.

Product packaging

The final step is packaging, where the composite decking will be packaged in three layers of stretch film, cardboard boxes, rain cloth and secured by packaging tape to provide full protection. A shipping mark will be applied to the surface of the outer box.

Overall, COOWIN is working hard to provide high quality laminate flooring that meets your requirements.

Start the laminate flooring of your dreams and create your beautiful house!


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